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2 layer Aluminium PCB

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2 layer Aluminium PCB


Material: Aluminium

Board Thickness: 1.6 mm

Copper Thickness: 35um

Solder resist ink: high reflective of Dainippon white ink

Silkscreen Color: Black

Surface Technics: OSP

Forming mode: CNC


2 layer aluminum pcb

Single-sided aluminum double-layer circuit board structure


LED Lighting product

High Power LEDs

LED Backlight for LED TV

Agriculture & Horticulture Lighting

Street & Parking Lot Lighting


Marine Lighting

Terrestrial Lighting

Underwater led boat lights

Underwater lights

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2 layer Aluminium PCB

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Product Description

Material:2 layer aluminum pcb 
Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Copper Thickness: 35um
Solder resist ink:high reflectivity of Dainippon white ink
Silkscreen Color: Black
Surface Technics: OSP
Forming mode:CNC

Thermal Conductive PCB Metal Core Board Material Characteristics Introduction

2layer aluminum pcb board

Double Sided Metal pcb Layer Structure

2layer Alu Stack-up The second

2 layer Aluminium PCB FAQ

Q: What materials are available for 2 layer aluminum pcb?
A: Base material:Aluminum,Copper

Q: What kind of mcpcb thermal conductivity can we do?
A: The thermal conductivity: 1.0,1.5,2.0,3.0,4.0w/m.k

Q: Which PCB board thickness can we do for 2 layer aluminum pcb?
A: The Board thickness:0.8mm-3.0mm

Q: Which copper thickness can be made for led aluminum pcb?
A: The copper thickness:0.5oz,1.0oz,2.0oz,3.0oz

Q: How to do the outline for led mcpcb?
A: The outline: Routing, Punching,V-CUT

Q: What's the colour of soldermask  for 2 layer aluminum pcb ?
A: Usually for high reflectivity white ink,Dainippon or Taiyo PSR-4000.Some of use black.

Q: What's the colour of silkscreen for MCPCB board?
A: The Legend/Silkscreen color: Black/white

Q: What's the surface treatment can we do for metal core PCB?
A: The OSP is widely used,that can saving cost and some customers choose HAL-Free or ENIG.

Q: What's the maximum size we can make for 2 layer aluminum pcb?
A: The usually panel size: 600*500mm,with a special size of 1120*500mm

Q: What's the delivery time for 2 layer Aluminium PCB?
A: The samples: 5-7days, The Mass production:9-10days.

Picture Of Details

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