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Design for fast 94v-0 led pcb board motherboard

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Design for fast 94v-0 led pcb board motherboard


Material: aluminum clad pcb:

Board Thickness: 1.0 mm:

Copper Thickness: 35um:

Solder resist ink: high reflective of Dainippon white ink:

Silkscreen Color: Black:

Surface Technics: OSP:

Forming mode: CNC:


Aluminum PCB with Quick Prototype

Providing quick-turn service within 24 hours


LED Lighting product

High Power LEDs

LED Backlight for LED TV

Agriculture & Horticulture Lighting

Street & Parking Lot Lighting


Marine Lighting

Terrestrial Lighting

Underwater led boat lights

Underwater lights

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Design for fast 94v-0 led Aluminum pcb board motherboard


Our manufacturing capability

Producy Type 

AI Clad PCB 1layer

Maximum Panel Size


Finished Board Thickness

0.4mm to 0.4mm

Copper Thickness


Thickness Tolerance


Min.Finish hole size


Min.Track Width


Min.Track gap

Min.SMD pad pitch


Dielectric Thickness(to Subtrate)


Subtrate Core Thickness


Aluminum Maching

Drilling,Tapping,Milling,Routing,Die-Puncing,break-off tab avaiable

Max.working voltage

2.5K VDC(0.75mm Dielectric)3.75K VDC(0.15mm Dielectric)

Solder mask color

White,LED light special White,Black,MATT Black,others Available

Aluminum PCB Quality Requirement

1.on-time delivery:≥97% 
2.double layer board acceptability≥99% 
3.four-layer board acceptability:≥98% 
4.six-layer board acceptability:≥97% 
5.eight-layer board acceptability:≥97% 
6.ten-layer board acceptability:≥95% 
7.customer satisfaction :≥90% 
8.complaint rate/rejected rate:≤ 3%

PCB Certificates

UL, TS16949, ISO14001, ISO9001-2008, and RoHS


Aluminium PCB FAQ

Q: What materials are available for aluminum clad pcb ?
A: Base material:Aluminum,Copper

Q: What kind of mcpcb thermal conductivity can we do?
A: The thermal conductivity: 1.0,1.5,2.0,3.0,4.0w/m.k

Q: Which PCB board thickness can we do for aluminum clad pcb ?
A: The aluminum pcb board thickness is 0.8mm-3.0mm

Q: Which copper thickness can be made for aluminum clad pcb ?
A: The copper thickness:0.5oz,1.0oz,2.0oz,3.0oz

Q: What's the colour of soldermask  for aluminium pcb board ?
A: Usually for high reflectivity white ink,Dainippon or Taiyo PSR-4000.Some of use black.

Q: What's the colour of silkscreen for MCPCB board?
A: The Legend/Silkscreen color: Black/white

Q: What's the surface treatment can we do for metal core PCB?
A: The OSP is widely used,that can saving cost and some customers choose HAL-Free or ENIG.

Q: What's the maximum size we can make for aluminum clad pcb ?
A: The usually panel size: 600*500mm,with a special size of 1120*500mm

Q: What's the delivery time for aluminium PCB board ?
A: The samples: 5-7days, The Mass production:9-10days.

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