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A High Opinion of FPC

    Do you know what is FPC?FPC, also known as flexible pcb, is a kind of printed circuit board. The biggest advantages of flexible circuit board are that it can reduce the weight, size, and amount of hand-wares used for electronic packages. Kingfung PCB International Limited Company is a circuit board manufacturer,specializing in single and double pcb, FPC, multilayer board and MCPCB. And we have many customers around the world.

    This good comment was from my customer who also cooperate with us for a long time and like our FPC quality & our service all the time.She is a beautiful & kindly person.She said that FPC are very good,thanks for the professional stack up suggestions,excellent service. I have referred you to all of my colleague, will order more.

    Thanks for her kindly support to our business all the time!

High appreciation from customer07.30

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