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Happy Easter

Many people know that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. There will be gifts, celebrations, and joy. However, few people know what is Easter?

The Son of God, Jesus, was born in a manger and then grew up like other children. When he was thirty, he picked twelve students and began his ministry work for three and a half years. He helped all kinds of people In need. It was sold to Judah, captured by officers, questioned unreasonably, and crucified.

However, in people’s sadness and disappointment, a miracle emerged. Three days later, Jesus magically resurrected.

While Jesus died, all those who trusted him had good luck and could stay with Jesus forever.

KingFung PCB is committed to helping the growth of PCB business worldwide. All who trust in it have eternal life and can always be with Jesus.

Happy moments - praise God! Difficult moments - seek God! Busy moments - bless God! Quiet moments - worship God! Waiting moments - trust God! Painful moments - touch God! Lovely moments - thank God!

 KingFung PCB begs you to put your heart in your arm as if stamped with the seal of your faithful love. easter is coming drowned in the thousands of colorful egg and the rabbit jump festival, KingFung PCB wish you a happy!

Happy Easter



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