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PCB Customer in Korea

Kingfung PCB Factory has taken up PCB manufacturing about more than 10 years, specializing in single and double layer pcb board, FPC,multilayer PCB, and MCPCB.And there are many circuit board around all world.

We have worked together with these Korean customers about 5 years who are badly in need of 2-8 layer PCB board.After introducing of Paul, they knew that we can provide pcb board with quick turn service and the service of offering PCB CAM files’ confirmation within 24 hours for them.Furthermore, we can produce the circuit board with PSR-4000 TAIYO solder mask.They are satisfied with the quality of our Printed Circuit Board, which the qualified rate is 98%.What’s more, customers had a deep impression of our company’s good working environment, orderly PCB production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere and hardworking staff.

Wish we will be the best partner with each other in the future.

Pcb board customer in Korea

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