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Customized FR4 PCBA PCB Board Assembly Factory in China

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Customized FR4 PCBA PCB Board Assembly Factory in China


Base Material: fr4

Copper Thickness: 1oz

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm

Min. Line Width: 0.1mm

Min. Line Spacing: 0.1mm

Surface Finishing: hasl

Solder Mask: green

Silk Screen: white


FR4 PCBA PCB Board Assembly Factory in China

can design all kinds of PCB assembly as you required



Digital camera

Liquid crystal television

LED lighting

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Printed circuit boards welding plate and wire

The fixation of the components on the printed circuit board is realized by welding the electrode lead on the pad. The electrical connection between components depends on printed wires.

1. Pad: the components are fixed on the printed circuit board by soldering through the lead holes on the board, and the pads are connected with the printed wires to realize the electrical connection of the components in the circuit. Lead holes and their surrounding copper foil into a pad.

2. Direction and shape of printed conductor: printed conductor strike is preferred to be natural, and the turn is generally circular, while right Angle or included Angle will affect the electrical performance in high-frequency circuits.

3. Width of printed conductor: the width of printed conductor can generally be estimated according to 1A/mm. When the power cord and the ground wire are designed, they should be widened appropriately, usually 1.5-2.0mm. If allowed, ground line width > power line width > signal line width. Wide signal lines can be used when the resistance and inductance of the printed circuit board is required. The distance between the lines is usually 1 ~ 1.5mm. Cross wire should be avoided as much as possible. If it is unavoidable, cross wire (length should not exceed 25mm) can be used.

FR4 Made Ability

 NO  Item Craft Ability

Surface Finishh

HASL,Immersion Gold,Gold Plating,OSP,Immersion Tin,etc
2 Layer 2-30 layers
3 Min. Line Width 3 mil
4 Min. Line Space
3 mil
5 Min. Space between Pad to Pad 3 mil
6 Min.Hole Diameter 0.10 mm
7 Min. Bonding Pad Diameter 10 mil
8 Max. Proportion of Drilling Hole and Board Thickness 1:12:5
9 Max. Size of Finish Board 23 inch*35 inch
10 Rang of Finish Board's Thickness 0.21-7.0 mm
11 Min. Thickness of Soldermask 10 um
12 Soldermask Green,Yellow,Black,White,Red,Transparent photosensitive solder mask,Strippable solder mask
13 Min. Linewidth of Idents 4 mil
14 Min. Height of Idents 25 mil
15 Color of Silk-screen White,Yellow,Black
16 Date File Format Gerber file and Drilling file,Report series,PADS 2000 series,Powerpcb series,ODB++
17 E-testing 100% E-Testing:High Voltage Testing
18 Material for PCB

High TG Material:High Frequence

(ROGERS,TEFLON,TADONIC,ARLON):Halogen-free Material 

19 Other Test Impedance Testing,Resistance Testing,Microsection etc
20 Special Technological Requirement
Blind&Buried Vias and High Thickness Copper

FR4 PCBA Quality Requirement

1.on-time delivery:≥97% 
2.double layer board acceptability≥99% 
3.four-layer board acceptability:≥98% 
4.six-layer board acceptability:≥97% 
5.eight-layer board acceptability:≥97% 
6.ten-layer board acceptability:≥95% 
7.customer satisfaction :≥90% 
8.complaint rate/rejected rate:≤ 3%

PCB Assembly Certificates

UL, TS16949, ISO14001, ISO9001-2008, and RoHS



Q: What is the MOQ?

A: The minimum order quantity of circuit board is 5pcs.

Q: What the package of the products?

A: We use vacuum packaging.

Q: Do you accept products design with different boards on the same panel?

A: Of course, we can do different boards on the same panel.

Q:What kind of material do you use in my design pcba?

A: We usually use FR4. And you can download FR4 Made Ability.

Q:What color is solder mask usually used in FR4 PCBA?

A : We usually use green in your custom PCBA.

Q: What kind of material do you use on PCBA PCB assembly surface finishing ?

A: FR4 PCB assembly usually uses HASL.

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