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PCB solder stencil and PCB stencil frame maker&custom

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PCB solder stencil and PCB stencil frame maker&custom


Base Material : Stainless steel

Size : 52 x 52 cm

screw hole : 6.0 mm


Stencils, is a special mould for SMT. Its main function is to help deposit solder paste; The objective is to transfer the exact amount of solder paste to the exact location on the empty PCB.



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PCB solder stencil and PCB stencil frame maker&custom

Our laser cutter pcb stencil has many sizes and thicknesses, you can consult our online customer service to find the products that suit your needs.pcb stencil maker——ShenZhen KingFung Technology,Co,LTD.

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Weight of pcb stencil parameters

Item No. Stencil Size (W*L) Using Area (W*L) GW(KG)/Piece
1 37.0*47.0cm 19.0cm×29.0cm 1.5
2 30.0*40.0cm   14.0cm×24.0cm 1
3 42.0*52.0cm   24.0cm×34.0cm 1.8
4 45.0*55.0cm   27.0cm×37.0cm 2
5 58.4*58.4cm   38.0cm×38.0cm 3.2
6 55.0*65.0cm 35.0cm×45.0cm 3.5
7 73.6*73.6cm 50.0cm×50.0cm 5
8 40.0*60.0cm  22.0cm×40.0cm 2.5
9 40.0*80.0cm 22.0cm×60.0cm 3.5
10 40.0*100.0cm  22.0cm×76.0cm 4
11 50.0*80.0cm 32.0cm×60.0cm 3.5
12 40.0*120.0cm  22.0cm×100.0cm 6
13 40.0*140.0cm   22.0cm×120.0cm 7
14 50.0*70.0cm 32.0cm×50.0cm 3.5
15 50.0*120.0cm  32.0cm×100.0cm 7
16 50.0*140.0cm 32.0cm×120.0cm 8
17 28.0*38.0cm without Aluminum Frame 19.0cm×29.0cm 0.5

Recommended thickness of pcb solder stencil

type spacing Mesh thickness
CHIP 0402 0.12mm
0201 0.10mm
QFP 0.65 0.15mm
0.5 0.13mm
0.4 0.12mm
0.3 0.10mm
BGA 1.25-1.27 0.15mm
1.0 0.13mm
0.5-0.8 0.12mm
PLCC 1.25-1.27 0.15mm

PCB stencil Certificates

UL, TS16949, ISO14001, ISO9001-2008, and RoHS


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