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Top 10 Reasons To Monitor Your Lamp Service --Aluminium PCB is Critical

Many people think Aluminium PCB is just a piece of circuit board could be accessed by welding led that has nothing to do with good or bad quality.  Actually, Aluminium PCB board has the lowest production cost but has a critical impact on the whole finished product. 

The dangers of inferior 
Aluminium PCB Board:
1, Shorten the working life of Lamps and reducing the product competitiveness;
2, Low thermal conductivity or can’t thermal conducting will seriously affect the LED luminous efficiency;
3, Increasing the SMT soldering cost and assembly cost, etc for Lamp failure problems;
4, Increasing the after-sales warranty costs for warranty period problems;
5, Losing customer trust, even loss of your customers. 

The advantages of high-quality Aluminium PCB Board:
1, Extending the service life of the finished product and enhancing the competitiveness of the products;
2, High thermal conductivity increase LED Luminous Efficiency;
3, Improving the quality assurance time so as to improve the product market competitiveness, to reduce after-sales warranty costs;
4, Increasing customer trust so as to stable customers.

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