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UV LED Exposure Machine Used For PCB Manufacturing Company

In recent years, the development of uv-led curing technology, followed by the application of the field of increasing. As a new energy source of energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction, the speed of uv-led expansion is amazing. The traditional mercury lamp has always been firmly dominant in the field of PCB exposure, but the dominance of uv-led came into the field of exposure from then on.

Uv-led exposure machine is a device that transfers image information from the film or other transparent body to the surface coated with a photosensitive substance by turning on the light. UV-LED exposure machine USES UV-LED UV-LED UV light source. At present, uv-led exposure equipment is widely used in China's optoelectronics industry and plays an important role.KingFung Technology Co ,LTD new machine is configured with UV exposure - the application of LED cold light curing machine, also has the precision of the quartz dual aspheric surface lens can make light of parallel half Angle is less than 2 ° line resolution of up to 50 um/um (PuTongJi 100 um/um). Moreover, no infrared thermal radiation can avoid the film expansion and contraction effect, guarantee the high fidelity quality of image transfer and almost no light decay, which fully reflects the higher stability of uv-led light source in the manufacturing process. It not only improves the product qualification rate but also produces no pollution ozone green environmental protection, which is the ideal substitute product for common mercury lamp exposure machine used in PCB production at present.
Cold light source, no film expansion and contraction
1. The spectrum contains only pure UV light, and does not contain infrared and visible light;
2. There is no problem of film expansion and contraction;
Parallel light, precise optical combination
1. Single side UV light output, no need to use reflector;
2. Balanced arrangement without deviation Angle error;
3. The precise optical combination ensures that the parallel half-angle is no more than 2 degrees;
4.LED is calibrated point by point to ensure the consistency of luminous intensity
Scanning back and forth, high uniformity
1. The scanning output UV light can realize any size surface light source;
2. Fuzzy matrix arrangement technology to ensure high energy uniformity;
3. The modular light source structure can adjust the energy at any point, which is more convenient for maintenance.
Energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption reduction
1. Green and environment-friendly without mercury and other heavy metal elements, changing the production environment;
. Instant switch can be opened and used without preheating, to improve production efficiency;
3. Can save up to 85% power, no standby loss;
4. Long service life, over 20,000 hours.
Deep solidification, high stability
1. The light source is mixed band, allowing the ink to solidify deeply;
2. The output energy is stable and predictable, so the printing effect is stable and predictable.
Easy to use

1.220 V power supply;

2. Small size, convenient for installation and use.

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