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PCB has a long history of development

PCB has a long history of development, the total output value and the total output in the first row of the world. PCB has a long history of development, further printed circuit technology. Before the printed circuit board, the interconnection between electronic components is directly connected to the wire as the foundation, formed a complete line. At present, a circuit board as an effective experimental tool, occupy the absolute dominant position in the electronics industry. At the beginning of Twentieth Century, in order to simplify the electronic machine production, reduce the wiring between electronic components, reduce production cost, to research rather than printed wiring method. 

PCB has a long history of development.In the past thirty years, it is suggested that the metal conductor is installed in the insulating substrate for wiring. The most successful is 1925. United States Charles Dukas printed circuit pattern on an insulating substrate, and then successfully established wiring.pcb conductor has a long history. The printed circuit board has become the leading position in the electronics industry. PCB has a development history of Austria until 1936, Paul Eisler (Paul Eisler) published the foil membrane technology in the UK, he was in a wireless device using printed circuit board; and in Japan, using the spray method and her graduate student Miyamoto yoshinosuke connection, connection blowing method (Patent No. 119384) "of the patent application.

 PCB has a long history of development.These two methods in Paul Eisler and the printed circuit board is most similar, this is called a subtraction, is the need to remove the metal; and Charles Ducas, Miyamoto yoshinosuke is the only add the required line, called additives. However, since the electronic component with heat, the two substrates difficult to combine, so there is no actual work formally, printed circuit technology has also made further development. In the past ten years, Chinese India Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing industry develops rapidly, and the total output value and total output ranked first in the world. With the rapid development of electronic products, the price war has changed the structure of the supply chain. 
PCB has a long history of development.Chinese advantage industry layout, cost and market, and PCB have become the world's most important production base of the printed circuit board is composed of a single layer. To double, multilayer and flexible development board, and towards high precision, high density, high-reliability direction. To reduce the volume, reduce the cost, improve the performance of the printed circuit board of electronic products in the future development, still maintained a strong vitality. The future direction of development of PCB manufacturing technology is a high performance, high precision, small caliber, thin wire, small spacing, high reliability, multi-speed transmission, lightweight, the development direction of refinement. 

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