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The difference between prototype service and standard PCB service !

PCB prototype service and standard PCB service

Use the PCB prototype service when you want it:
a.Design review board or trial production quality inspection committee
b.Fast PCB turnover
c.Circuit boards with eight or less than eight layers
d.FR-4 board
e.Quality standard IPC1 board

If you need to use standard PCB services:
a.Overall production by the board of directors
b.Turnaround time is slightly longer
c.FR-4, aluminum, flexible or other types of boards
d.Quality standard IPC2 board

We recommend that you select the PCB prototype design service to perform functional testing of new products before you commit to full production. The benefits of developing PCB board prototypes include:

• quickly test and correct design if there is an error
Any design defects may be detected in the early stage
Enjoy quick turnaround time to help you achieve productivity goals
• if necessary, order small batch production with a minimum order quantity of only five boards
• benefit from lower production tolerances - clearly show the performance of PCB
Once your prototype proves their ability to meet your quality and performance requirements, you are ready for full production operation. We will then switch from the PCB prototype service to the standard PCB service, which will provide more stringent production tolerances and more advanced options, including free design and manufacturing (DFM) checks to detect potential problems that may reduce the quality of PCB.

PCB rapid prototyping service through KingFung PCB can save time and money for a long time

Prior to the implementation, PCB prototype design is the best practice method to verify the quality of design worldwide. In the past, some companies probably didn't have time to develop prototype PCB, waiting for the assembler to put the PCB prototype together and then test it. However, this is no longer a problem due to the rapid prototyping of PCB provided by KingFung. You can send your prototype PCB board design and have a quick PCB prototype within a week or less, providing you enough time to test the PCB prototype board, ready for your normal production operation.

Get instant PCB prototype production quote immediately.

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