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What is the Soldering Circuit Boards?

Modern electronic circuit board components use surface mount components (SMT). Although it is possible to weld some SMT fittings with a traditional solder iron, it is possible for some of the bottom end components to be not.The wire is small and closely spaced parts. It is difficult to use hot air soldering welding technology makes work easier and faster, and generate power.

The basic technical requirement is that a sufficient amount of hot air is applied to the components and the PCB to produce solder joints.The temperature and velocity required for the hot air will depend on the thermal quality of the material and the type of solder used. The temperature should be adjusted to ensure that the solder melts without damaging the component or soldering circuit boards, and the air flow should be as high as possible, without interfering with SMT parts. Use the appropriate adjacent nozzle size and shape will reduce the influence of nearby parts of the circuit. Experts provide a wide variety of nozzles, they will stand in the vast majority of the welding effect hot air.

The pad on the soldering circuit boards should have a sufficient number of components placed before solder in melting and solidification. When you need to heat the air, the need for the additional solder to produce the desired solder joints and maintain the position of the workpiece. Usually use the paste flux, because it is easier to control and provide a cohesive surface, prevent unnecessary moving parts.

Paste flow from many sources, including circuit experts, and equipped with different size together with the syringe dispensing needle, the precise placement in controlling the amount of flux. The hot air welding station once the assembly is placed on the mat, and the heating rod parts are placed directly applied to the solder melting soldering circuit boards and connected to the lead element in the air cushion. Too many calories and time will damage the components and soldering circuit boards, lack of time will produce heat and cold. The temperature, wind speed and the time of the three variables may need to be adjusted to produce the desired results. The quality is a combination of appropriate solder technology and appropriate equipment and materials. This technology is a through the experiential learning process optimization.

Using hot air welding stations to weld surface mount components can produce soldering circuit boards, save valuable time, and minimize damage to components and soldering circuit boards.

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