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Factory SMT service introduction

PCBQuick owns international advanced SMT automatic high-speed placement machine and high precision detection equipment, complete reliability test equipment, and form a complete set of testing and assembly lines, has a perfect consumer electronics manufacturing management and quality control ability and strong ability of technological innovation, through the ISO9001:2008 quality management and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.


Nitrogen reflow welding adopts 10-temperature zone circular heating, and adjusts the furnace temperature curve according to different components, so that the PCB board is heated evenly, and the welding pad is fully welded to the components. The independent nitrogen manufacturing machine fully supplies each reflow welding, to ensure that no oxidation of the welding pad occurs when PCB board passes through the furnace for welding, and to prevent false welding to the maximum extent

NXT Second Generation High Speed Mounter

The brand new second generation Fuji NXT mounter, with double guide rail and uninterrupted production, adopts advanced V12 working head mounting, which is suitable for mounting small components. The line body is configured with 8 modules, and the maximum size of the mounter is 500X610mm, and the minimum size is 50X50mm.

XPF High Speed Mounter

General type Fuji xpf-l multi-functional high-speed mounter, mounter suction nozzle can be automatically switched, suitable for mounting all electronic components at present, 0402 resistance and other materials can be used for mounting, for large BGA and other electronic components, can be used for mounting with single suction nozzle, the size range of mounter PCB board is 457X356mm.

AOI Optical Detection

Through the perfect combination of high brightness LED light source (red, green and blue), the detection rate of traditional detection difficulties such as poor solder joint, polarity reversal and text recognition is effectively improved, and the operation control, image acquisition and image processing are parallel, greatly reducing the working time. Stable and mature image algorithms ensure strong inspection capability

YXLON X-ray Detector

The YXLON X-ray detector has a highly flexible general system, which can meet various application requirements, quickly obtain high resolution detection results, occupies a small area, easy access, digital flat panel detector, 16-bit real-time imaging system, y.quickscan - ultra-fast micro focus CT program, easy to use and safe to operate.

DEK Full Automatic Press

DEK automatic printing machine is simple, fast, stable, with good tin content, and can automatically clean steel mesh, suitable for printing IC and other precise electronic components with fine welding pads and dense spacing.

Solder Paste On-line Detector

Using a 2D+3D hybrid measurement (2D light source to determine the solder paste plane and 3D to calculate the volume), it is possible to measure the height and volume of objects less than 35 microns, such as: green oil, screen printing, and solder pad. Height resolution 0.4 micron, height measurement accuracy ±1 micron, volume repetition accuracy ±1%@3 sigma. The GR&R volume was 3.63% (OPPO measured). The scan spacing is 1 micron. Minimum 300 x 300 micron solder paste, linear motor drive, linear grating ruler positioning. No vibration during operation, guarantee test accuracy, fast operation speed, high positioning accuracy of X and Y axis, up to ±5um.

KL - 3500

Kl-3500 plate divider reduces waiting time and increases production capacity; Equipped with high pixel CCD zoom lens, auxiliary program teaching and editing functions, higher precision, more accurate and clearer image; Automatic machine vision function of finding Mark points, high precision of dividing board. International CE certification, stable and reliable; High precision of repeated cutting, fast cutting speed.


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