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What thickness PCB can We Manufacture?

What is the Thin PCB?

The thin PCB  means that the thickness of printed circuit board is thinner than normal PCB. For most of FR4 PCB, such as 1Lor 2L, the minimum thickness is 0.3mm or 0.4mm,  however, for 4L printed circuit board manufacturing, it will be more about 0.6mm.

Maybe there are a lot of customers who asked us what thickness PCBs we can make and can we make thin PCB. That is not a question for us. Kingfung PCB Factory has more than 10 years specializing in PCB manufacturing, we can make many various PCB boards, such as rigid PCB, MCPCB, flexible PCB and rigid-flex PCB and so on.Some boards are very thin and small, while some are very big and thick.  

Sometimes, due to the limits of space or margin, or needed by customers' design requirements, you will find thinnest 0.2mm rigid thin board from our company.Maybe thin FR4 PCB can be bendable similar to a flexible circuit. But comparing with the same copper traces, the thin PCB is more rigid, and cost of thin PCB will be lower.


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