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What is Gold Finger PCB?

Gold Fingers are gold plated connectors on one edge of a printed circuit board.Fingers are usually done by flash gold (hard gold) and the gold thickness is requested to be from 3u" to 50u" because fingers are mainly used for plugging for many times.

As you can see the following gold finger PCB, the gold thickness is 8u" and 3u".

What is Gold Finger PCB Quality Requirement?
Firstly, gold finger PCB must be hard in order to insert the circuit board into the connector.
Secondly, gold finger pcb should also be very smooth and flat in order to insert easily.
Thirdly,  gold finger pcb is an excellent conductor which makes the connection much better.

What are the Gold Finger PCB Applications?
Computer fields
Video and Graphics Card
Network Adapter Card
Audio Adapter Card
TV or Other Specialty Adapter Card


Rigid PCB,FPC PCB,Rigid Flexible PCB,Metal Core PCB,LED PCB Assembly

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