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PCB Circuit Board

KingFung PCB with more than 10 years experiences, can produce various types, such as single PCB, double layer PCB, multilayer PCB, impedance circuit board, heavy copper board, and so on.

So, what kind of material can PCB circuit boards use?
The common material is FR4, which the temperature-resistant is TG 130-140 with a higher price.If you want to reduce your budget and cost, maybe you can choose CEM-1(some single circuit board can use it), CEM-3(the simple double can use it),94HB(the lowest-end material) and 94VO.

As for surface finishing, our PCB factory usually uses ENIG, plating gold, HAL-LF, HAL, Chem.Tin, Chem.Ag, and OSP. You can choose any kind of surface technics, according to you required. 

With regard to silkscreen of the printed circuit board, there are white, black and without silk screen.
About pcb circuit boards solder mask, our pcb factory can make green, orange, and transparent color.

PCB Circuit Boards Applications:
With the development of technology and science,pcb circuit board are becoming more and more popular among all kind of fields not but the simplest electronic products.Almost every electronic device, small to electronic watches, calculators, as large as computers, communications electronics, military weapons systems, all need to use circuit board.
Factors influence price :
1.the size of pcb circuit boards ;
2.the layers of pcb board ;
3.the surface finishing ;
4.the quantity of printed circuit board ;
5.and the pcb material you choose.

pcb circuit boards manufacturing process

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