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Advantages of Flex PCB Fabrication

Electronic devices play a vital indispensable role in our daily life. The extensive range of devices from cell-phones to servers, regardless of their sizes and uses are designed to be more flexible, lightweight and efficient. Although they have diverse shapes, sizes, and function, there is one thing in the same - they all include flexible printed circuits boards.

Advantages of using Flex PCB  Fabrication
Firstly, flexibility - the most excellent advantage

1.Flex PCB have elastic nature, which allows placement around edges and folds.
2.Flex circuit boards are very flexible, which can be used in electronic devices that require 3 axes connections.
3.Little or no wiring is required that eliminates wire connection failure and increases the reliability of the device.

Secondly, saving space and Weight
Compared to Rigid PCB, flex PCB fabrication saves up to 60% of the weight and space, which is very convenient and cheap to transport flex PCBs to our customer.

Thirdly, bending Cycles
Flex PCB circuit boards also use in 3D designs eliminates connectors, while the number of bending cycles can be as many as 200,000 when you use with standard material

The flexibility of flex PCB and the lighter weights allow the flex circuits to absorb and reduce the impact of the vibration to itself and any solder joints in connections.

Lastly, using in a harsh environment.

Flex circuits are also materials which can be suitable to use in harsh operating environments (waterproof, moisture proof, shockproof, high-temperature oil, corrosion resistant are materials features).

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