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Flex-Rigid PCB

Flex-Rigid PCB  is a printed circuit board highlighted by rigid and flexible regions, which makes it very suitable for wide applications. 

A typical rigid-flex printed circuit board circuit consists of two layers or multilayers conductive layers. Each layer of conductive layer contains flexible or rigid insulating materials. The outer layer can have exposed pads or covers. The rigid layer has the conductor, and the rigid layer and the flexible layer have plated through holes.

Advantages of Flex-Rigid PCB Technology:

Although this type of flexible circuit design and production may be more expensive, it does provide a number of important advantages. For example, shrinking sizes make it easier to accommodate more components into smaller spaces. This can actually help reduce overall system costs. In addition, since they require fewer interconnections and related components, these flexible circuits are proven to be more reliable and require less maintenance in the long run.

As with the Flex-Rigid PCB of all types, even in the harsh environment, Flex-Rigid PCB can also perform well, especially those in extreme environment. Flex-Rigid PCB is also easy to test and is very suitable for the prototype design.

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