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High density interconnects (HDI) PCB is one of the fastest growing areas in the printed circuit board market. Due to its higher circuit density, the HDI PCB design can integrate finer circuitry and space, smaller vias and capture pads, and higher bonding pad density. High-density PCB has blind holes and buried holes, usually containing 0.006 or smaller diameter micropores.

Advantages of the main HDI PCB

The development of HDI PCB technology provides engineers with greater design freedom and flexibility than ever before. Designers can now place more components on both sides of the original PCB if needed. In essence, HDI PCB provides designers with more space to process, while allowing them to put smaller components together. This eventually leads to faster signal transmission and enhanced signal quality.

HDI PCB is widely used to reduce the weight and overall size of the products, and to improve the electrical performance of the device. In the mobile phone, touch screen equipment, notebook computers, digital cameras, 4G network communications and other fields also often appear in medical equipment and a variety of electronic aircraft parts and other places also occupy a place.

High quality printed circuit board with high density

During the more than 10 years of operation, KingFungPCB has created a hard-won reputation for producing the highest quality printed circuit board. Our customized PCB manufacturing capabilities enable you to get the best quality HDI PCB at the most competitive price without the minimum order quantity.

Our team runs the manufacturing inspection design on your custom PCB file and consult with you to make sure that it is ready to be manufactured and that your circuit board will meet your performance requirements. We also have a field quality control department to verify that the product meets your high-quality standards.


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