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What is Ceramic PCB?

In addition to the MCPCB, ceramic pcb will be your best choice if you are using PCB in high pressure, high insulation, high frequency, high temperature, and highly reliable and minor volume electronic products.

So, what does Ceramic PCB mean?

Ceramic PCB is a special process PCB board, which refers to the copper foil at high temperature directly bonded to alumina (Al2O3) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic PCB board surface (single or double).The ceramic PCB has excellent electrical insulation properties, high thermal conductivity, excellent soft solderability and high adhesion strength, and as same as PCB board can be etched as a variety of graphics. Therefore, the ceramic PCB has become a high-power electronic circuit structure technology and interconnect technology-based materials.

And what are the advantages of ceramic pcb?

Firstly, ceramic pcb thermal expansion coefficient is close to the silicon chip, which can save the transition layer Mo film, labor, materials, and reduce cost;

Secondly, reduce the welding layer, thermal resistance, cavity, and improve the yield;

Thirdly, achieve a new packaging and assembly methods, to reduce the volume.pcbquick-Ceramic PCB

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