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What is printed circuit board

The printed circuit board is the electronic components of the electrical connection provider. Its development has more than 100 years of history; its design is mainly layout design; the main advantage of using the circuit board is to greatly reduce wiring and assembly errors, improve the level of automation and production labor rate.

According to the number of circuit boards, it can be divided into a single layer board, double layer board, four layer board, six layer board and other multilayer circuit board.
The printed circuit board is not a general terminal products, so in the name of the definition of slight confusion, such as a personal computer with a motherboard, called the motherboard, but not directly called the circuit board, although the host circuit board in existence, but is not the same, so the evaluation of the industry when they are related but can not say the same. Another example: because there are integrated circuit parts loaded on the circuit board, so the news media called him IC board, but in essence, he is not equivalent to the printed circuit board. The printed circuit board we usually refer to the circuit board that no bare board components.

The current circuit board consists mainly of the following components:

1, Line and surface (Pattern): the circuit is used as the tool between the original, and in the design will also design large copper surface as grounding and power layer. Lines and planes are made simultaneously.

2, Dielectric layer (Dielectric): used to maintain insulation between the circuit and each layer, commonly known as the substrate.

3, The hole (Through hole / via): via the two levels above the line mutual conduction, large holes are used in parts, non conducting hole (PTH) is usually used as a surface mount assembly with screw positioning.

4, Soldermasks (Solder resistant /Solder Mask): the copper surface is not all to eat tin parts, so the notion tin area, will be printed with a layer of insulation material copper-tin (usually epoxy resin), avoid nontin line short circuit. According to a different process, divided into green, blue, Chili oil.

5, Legend /Marking/Silkscreen: This is a nonessential composition, the main function is to mark the parts of the circuit board name, location box, easy to repair and identification after assembly.

6,Surface treatment (Surface Finish): because copper surface is easy to oxidize in the general environment, lead to tin (solderability is not good), so it will be protected on the copper surface to eat tin. HASL, ENIG (Immersion), Silver (Immersion), Tin (OSP) are used to protect the surface.

In the final product, it will be integrated with IC, transistor, diode, passive components (such as resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.) and a variety of other electronic components. By connecting wires, electronic signals can be connected and functions should be formed.

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