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8layer BGA Impedance PCB

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8layer BGA Impedance PCB


Material: FR4 8layer Impedance control PCB

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Copper Thickness: 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1oz

Soldermask Color: Green

Silkscreen Color: White

Surface Technics: ENIG(1-3u")

Min Holes: 0.2mm

Min Line space and width: 3.5/4.5mil

BGA PADs: 0.5mm


8layer Impedance control PCB

L1: Width/Space:4.5/4.5mil Impedance control:85 ohm REF:L2

L3: Width/Space:3.5/6.0mil Impedance control:85 ohm REF:L2&L4

L8: Width/Space:4.0/9.5mil Impedance control:100 ohm REF:L7

L8: Width/Space:6.5/4.5mil Impedance control:72 ohm REF:L7

L8: Width 7mil Impedance control:40 ohm REF:L7

L8: Width 5mil Impedance control:40 ohm REF:L7

L6: Width 5mil Impedance control:40 ohm REF:L7&L5

L6: Width/Space:5.0/4.5mil Impedance control:72 ohm REF:L7&L5

Impedance control tolerance:+/-10%


Communication :mobile phone, wireless network card, base station, 2.4 G intercom, etc.

GPS navigation, antenna amplification, microwave communication module, wireless communication

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8layer BGA Impedance PCB

PCB Design.
1.The customer provides the schematic diagram, the company completes the PCB cloth board according to the schematic diagram; Then make PCB for customers;
2.Customers provide samples, the company can copy the board; Then make PCB samples for customers;
3.The customer provides the PCB drawing, the company modifies or optimizes according to the customer request, makes the PCB model to the customer.

PCB Quality Requirement

1.on-time delivery:≥97% 
2.double layer board acceptability≥99% 
3.four-layer board acceptability:≥98% 
4.six-layer board acceptability:≥97% 
5.eight-layer board acceptability:≥97% 
6.ten-layer board acceptability:≥95% 
7.customer satisfaction :≥90% 
8.complaint rate/rejected rate:≤ 3%

PCB Certificates

UL, TS16949, ISO14001, ISO9001-2008, and RoHS



Q: What is the MOQ?

A: The minimum order quantity of circuit board is 5pcs.

Q: What the package of the products?

A: We use vacuum packaging.

Q: Do you accept PCB design with different boards on the same panel?

A: Of course, we can do different boards on the same panel.

Q:What is the delivery time of my custom pcb boards?

A:8layer pcb sample delivery time is 120 hours.The mass production of 8 layer printed circuit board is 10 days.

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