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Metal core PCB

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Metal core PCB


Material: Copper

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Copper Thickness: 35um

Soldermask Color: White

Silkscreen Color: Black + Yellow

Surface Technics: OPS


Copper Based PCB,MCPCB High thermal conductivity.The special Technics: Black+Yellow.


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Product Description

Material: Copper

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Copper Thickness:35um

Soldermask Color: White

Silkscreen Color: Black

Surface Technics: OSP

Copper PCB Board stack up

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Copper PCB Board FAQ

1.Q:How long will the production time of copper pcb board?

    A:10 - 15 working days after confirmation of PCB Gerber File.

2.Q:How many layers can you produce?

   A:Production of high precision copper pcb board 4-30layer.

3.Q: What kind of surface treatment process do you adopt on my copper pcb board?

   A: Our printed circuit board manufacturing usually uses ENIG, Plating Gold, HAL-LF, Chem.Tin, Chem.Ag and OSP

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