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High Frequency PCB Board

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High Frequency PCB Board


Material: Rogers

Board Thickness: 0.53+/-0.1mm

Copper Thickness: Inner layer 17um,External layer 17um

Soldermask Color: Green

Silkscreen Color: White

Surface Technics: ENIG


OEM high frequency pcb board for wifi antenna have high quality and cheap price.


programmed digital automatic control

Enhanced wireless network signal

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Common type:

1.Double Sided PCB ,Multilayer PCB

Mixed structure: including high performance special plate, P sheet + common performance plate and P sheet mixed pressure structure plate

2.The high frequency substrate + normal FR4 substrate hybrid composite board

3.High frequency substrates + metal based high frequency metal based printing plates

For the characteristics of high speed and high frequency of PCB, two technical approaches are mainly adopted:

1. Make this development into high-density wiring with fine wires and spacing, small aperture, thin shape and conduction, and high reliability of insulation. This can further shorten the signal transmission distance to reduce its loss in transmission.

2. Adopt substrate material with high speed and high frequency characteristics. This requires a deeper understanding of this kind of substrate material, and the research work to find out and master the process method of preparation control, so as to achieve the manufacturing process, performance and cost requirements of the selected substrate material and achieve the goal of reasonable matching.

 OEM high frequency pcb board stack up


Selection of high-frequency materials in design:

1. PCB under 1GHz can be FR4 with low cost and mature multi-layer pressing plate technology.

2. For optical fiber communication products above 622Mb/s and below 3GHz of 1G or above, modified epoxy resin material can be selected. Since the dielectric constant is relatively stable, the cost is lower, and the process of multilayer pressing plate is the same as that of FR4, so as to make multi-layer board, and the cost of the plate is slightly higher than that of FR4.

3.3ghz above signal microwave circuits, such as power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers, are recommended to use plates similar to R04350. The dielectric constant is quite stable, the loss factor is low, the heat resistance is good, and the processing technology is similar to FR4.

Micro blog circuits above 4.10GHz, such as power amplifier, upper and lower frequency converter, have higher requirements for boards. It is recommended to use boards with similar performance to PTFE, or a combination of FR4 and high frequency board glued into low cost, high performance laminate.

OEM high frequency pcb board Process


OEM high frequency pcb board FAQ

Q : How long does the mass production time of HDI PCB design and manufacture?

A : It is about 10 - 15 working days after confirming of PCB Gerber File.

Q : What color is the solder mask of my design  OEM high frequency pcb board?

A : It is black,of course,you can choose another color in your HDI PCB Board.

Q : What kind of surface technics do you use in OEM high frequency pcb board?

A : It  usually uses ENIG.

Q : How many layers can you produce of OEM high frequency pcb board ?

A : We can produce multilayer HDI printed circuit board about 4-30 layers.

Q : What is the process capability of  OEM high frequency pcb board?

A : Maybe you can see WHAT PROCESS CAPABILITY CAN WE MAKE FOR HDI PCB” for detailed imformation.

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